Our core procedure carried out on all services.

Designed for customers requiring a safe professional Full Valet inside and out.

Suggested frequency – Monthly

Time required  > 2hrs

Discounts available for multiple cars or members of our Shine Loyalty Schemes.

Procedure at a glance


All exterior surfaces cleaned using the prewash and two bucket methodology, including decontamination stages. Vehicle dried, silica sealant applied and tyres dressed


All interior surfaces vacuumed, followed by a biocidal surface clean on fabric, leather or alcatara seats and all vinyl and plastic surfaces. Glass, door sills and mats also cleaned.

  • Wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove ingrained brake dust and contamination spots.
  • Citrus pre-wash applied to lower body panels to loosen and remove surface grime and traffic film.
  • Wheels and lower body panels treated with fallout and tar remover to remove embedded bonded contaminants.
  • High pressure rinse for surface dirt removal including under the wheel arches.
  • Pre-Wash Snow Foam bath applied to the vehicle.
  • High pressure rinse to remove the foam covering.
  • Safe 2 bucket and guard washing system used with a PH Neutral foaming shampoo and a fresh microfibre mitt for safe yet effective cleaning.
  • High pressure rinse to remove the foam shampoo.
  • Power air dried to avoid the possibility of introducing swirl marks.
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned.
  • All tyre edges treated with a high gloss or satin protected finish.
  • All exterior trim surfaces protected/dressed.
  • All litter removed from all areas of the vehicle.
  • All interior vinyl and plastic surfaces safely cleaned.
  • All interior plastic surfaces dressed and protected with a natural, satin or gloss finish.
  • Interior glass cleaned.
  • All interior fabric surfaces including seats, roof lining, door cards, carpets, boot carpets cleaned with an industrial vacuum.
  • Light surface clean on fabric or leather seats.
  • All rubber and fabric mats cleaned.

Small £60

eg. Toyota Yaris, Mini Cooper, Ford Ka

Medium £70

eg. Audi A3, Ford Focus, BMW 1 Series

Large £85

eg. BMW 5 Series, Tesla Model S, Volvo XC60

Extra Large £100

eg. Range Rover, BMW X5, VW Touareg