Experience a Professional Car Detailing Service at your home or at work.
 *No outside tap required.

Our ‘Enhance’ paint correction (machine polishing) service is designed to remove common surface defects such as light scratches, holograms, swirl marks and oxidation. The vehicle will have a stunning corrected, glossy finish, looking like it’s just left the showroom again.

Small £185

eg. Toyota Yaris, Mini Cooper, Ford Ka

Medium £235

eg. Audi A3, Ford Focus, BMW 1 Series

Large £285

eg. BMW 5 Series, Tesla Model S, Volvo XC60

X Large £335

eg. Range Rover, BMW X5, VW Touareg

 Detailing by Trained Professionals

Our detailers have been trained by KDS Keltec & use the best equipment & materials to give you the best possible finish. IDA Membership & Which? Trusted Trader status gives you that added peace of mind when choosing us to carry out of any our services on your pride and joy.

The Procedure

  • Paint depth readings taken throughout the whole body to check suitability for machine correction.
  • Vehicle washed as per our ‘Clean service‘ with the addition of a full body iron/fallout remover stage and clay cloth to remove any bonded contaminants.
  • Single pass of a random orbital machine polisher using Lake Country Microfibre pads and a light cutting compound to remove the defects on the upper most surface.
  • Refining pass using Lake Country pads to correct the inherent marring left by the initial removal stage.
  • Vehicle wiped down with panel wipe and inspected with appropriate professional lighting to check the finish.

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